Computer Woes

This is really a continuation of the Radeon x850 + ABIT AV8 + RAID problem. My computer still starts up, and I can still play games — just not all of the games that I’d like to play. I recently installed and tried playing Half Life 2: Lost Coast, but it keeps crashing about five minutes in. I’d really like to have this resolved before Oblivion is released, so I did some more searching.

I was able to find one interesting post regarding a possible solution. It requires some manipulation of the BIOS software that makes me very nervous.

See… the BIOS software is really two pieces of software packaged together — the main BIOS that starts the computer and lets the OS talk to the hardware, and special software that runs in another chip for dealing with the RAID stuff. The RAID part of the BIOS is supplied by a company called VIA, and the rest of the stuff is supplied by ABIT. Unfortunately, ABIT hasn’t released a BIOS package that includes the latest VIA software.

Well, this guy on the forums claims that he found a way to extract the latest VIA software from some other manufacturer’s BIOS software, and insert it into the BIOS software for our computers. He said that if you do that, you can use the latest of everything and it all works.

As it is, I don’t like touching the BIOS because if you do something wrong, you pretty much kill the motherboard. Building your own BIOS package seems downright insane. On the other hand, the only alternative I can think of that will make my computer a viable gaming machine is to replace the motherboard or video card (the motherboard being cheaper). I’m going to hold off for a while to see if something else turns up, but at this point I figure the hack might as well be worth a shot. If I do end up breaking the motherboard, I’ll just replace it, which I’d have to do anyway.