Groklaw and SCO Update

First up, Groklaw has a new address: Update your bookmarks if you have ’em. Groklaw is run by Pamela Jones a “journalist with a paralegal background.” The site has been following the SCO vs. IBM case, but also covers other legal issues surrounding open source software.

SCO has accused IBM of copying code from Unix into Linux, but for years they wouldn’t openly disclose what code has been copied. They claim it’s some sort of trail secret, but that does make any sense because all of the code for Linux is already publicly available. Well, last Friday they finally had to tell the court exactly what did wrong.

Of course, they only told the court and are having it kept secret. It’s really quite ridiculous. The people running SCO have made tones of money by making extreme accusations and have caused a lot of damage to the Linux community in the process. It’ll be very interesting to see how this all turns out. Hopefully it won’t take too many more years.