Flight Lessons: Practice, Practice, Practice

Today, my instructor had me fly to Van Nuys, and Agua Dulce. We mostly worked on soft field takeoffs, and short field landings.

I messed up when choosing which which way to land at Agua Dulce initially. When I overflew the airport it looked like the wind sock was flat, so I chose runway 22 (the normal runway). By the time I’d made it around for landing, the wind had picked up and was blowing the wrong way (really, I was flying the wrong way). I was coming in way to high and way too fast with the tail wind and had to go around. I did the same thing again before my instructor told me what I was doing wrong. I reversed my pattern and had a lot better luck. My landings weren’t pretty, but the plane was still flyable when I was done.

Once we were done at at Agua Dulce, we did some simulated instrument work over Santa Clarita for about half an hour and then headed back. On the way back, we practiced an engine out for the first time. I think I need a lot more work on the types of things that will come up on my checkride and really focus on accuracy.