Firefox 1.5 Released Today

If you’re using Internet Explorer still, or an older version of Firefox, now is a great time to update. Just go to and click the big Download Firefox button. Save the installer to your desktop, close out your browser, and then run the installer. It should import any of your past settings seamlessly. Easy enough, right? Let me know if you need any help with it.

Now, here’s why you should upgrade…

  • Automated update – the Mozilla folks have put a lot of work into improving the update system. I’ve used it with the release candidates. It’s simple and quick.
  • Faster browser navigation – who wouldn’t want a faster browser?
  • New support for Web Standards – you may not notice this right away, but as more people use up to date browsers, web developers will be able to make better sites.
  • Many security enhancements
  • And much more

Don’t wait another minute! Download Firefox 1.5 now.