Flight Lessons: Up and Down

Last weekend, and again today I continued practicing for my practical exam. Last week we were able to hit both Agua Dulce and Van Nuys. Today we focused more on my short field landings and touch-and-goes just at Van Nuys. I’ve also been studying the types of things that are covered on the written and oral exams with some people from the ground school class last spring.

I’m starting to feel pretty good about my checkride. I make my short field landings within the limits more often than not, and I feel pretty good about the knowledge. The only thing that I really need to spend more time on is steep turns.

I’m scheduled for a solo flight to Camarillo next Saturday. If the weather is nice, that should be fun and quick. After Christmas I’m going to try to get three more practice flights in, and then do my checkride on Thursday.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention… While I was at the airport today, they were doing the groundbreaking ceremony for The Spirit of Santa Monica, and to mark the 70th anniversary of the first DC-3 flight. They had a bunch of vintage airplanes (and pilots) there, and on my way home I saw three DC-3s flying on their way to the airport. I should have some pictures posted on Flickr later this weekend.