Link Roundup: Jan. 25, 2006

It has been a while since I’ve posted some links and I’d really like to clean out the old bookmark folder, so here you go.

Cooperative Linux
This is a method for running Linux on Windows. I haven’t tried it out, but it looks really cool and useful for testing.

2006 World Question Center
Every year asks a bunch of “big thinker” types a single question. This years question is: What is your dangerous idea? I haven’t been able to get through all of the responses yet, but most are pretty interesting.

Weblogs, Inc.
Wired had a nice little article on the founder of Weblogs, Inc. He sounds a bit like an arrogant jerk, but he does have good business ideas on how to scale up things like blogs into viable businesses.

This site lets you put in an artist or song name and will find other similar music. It’s not perfect, but it is a cool idea. Now, if they only had a Winamp plugin.

This is a cool little stand alone wiki application that allows you to create your own personal wiki project. You can host it on a website for others to browse if you want, but it’s really targeted at local use. I’m running one for tracking Lost. There are several projects working on making TiddlyWiki run on a server, but I haven’t found any that are really mature yet.

Google Talk Opens Up
When Google announced their own instant messaging system, I was pleased to find out that it used the same protocol as Jabber. Unfortunately, it turned out that they didn’t support server to server communications — one of the coolest things about Jabber. Server to server communications is what allows you to send email from an account on to an account on Well, Google finally opened up, and now I can connect between my Jabber account at work with Jesse’s account on Google. I’m looking forward to the day when AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo open up their networks and allow communications between all four of the major networks.