Coming Soon: Defcon

Introversion is working on its next game, Defcon. I tried the demo of their first game (Uplink), and really enjoyed their second (Darwinia). I’ve been looking forward to their third game for a while now.

Eurogamer recently interviewed Chris Delay, the lead designer at Introversion. Here are some of the more interesting bits (I think):

Eurogamer: … I was especially interested at the idea of a game out over an entire work-day.
Chris Delay: Yeah, we’re very excited by Office Mode. The basic idea is that a group of work-mates can start the game up in the morning in Office Mode, playing over their local area network. … Because everything is taking place in real-time you’ve got at least 30 minutes before those nukes land, so you’ve got plenty of time to respond without interfering with your real work too much.

Eurogamer: Care to give an example of the sort of Machiavellian disasters we can see?
Chris Delay: We’ve seen alliance members shooting overhead friendly planes down because they believed the planes were scouting the area for targets in preparation for a strike. This results in arguments in the chat channels, followed by skirmishes at sea, followed by retaliation, before finally the whole alliance collapses and everyone starts nuking the hell out of each other. It’s awesome.

Eurogamer: When do you expect the game to be finished?
Chris Delay: We’re currently estimating it will be finished in April.