Does Hollywood Hate DVDs?

I was watching some of the Oscars tonight and noticed, more than once, announcers basically begging the audience to come to the theaters instead of watching DVDs. Who do they think they are?

If they want us to go to the theaters, then they need to have a serious conversation with theater owners. Most movies really don’t look or sound better on the big screen. From what I understand, theaters make most of their money on popcorn and soda. Why not sell tickets to most movies for $1 instead of $10 if that’s what it takes to fill seats? What could it hurt? The seats are empty anyway. Why not offer better food than what you’d find in a gas station while you’re at it?

Anyway… the point is, Hollywood should not be telling us how to watch movies. They should be listening to us and selling us movies however we want to watch them, whether that’s in a theater, or on DVD, or via download. Make us happy, and we’ll let you keep making movies.