Thinking about WordPress

I’m thinking about abandoning ApeJet Blog and switching to WordPress instead of creating a version 3 of my software.

The two big problems that I have with the current version of my software are categories and searching. I’d like to be able to post entries in more than one category (like tagging), and I’d like to have a nested categories. My search engine basically goes through all of my blog entries looking for any post that contain the search term as if my entire blog was one big text file (it is). I’m not sure how the WordPress search works, but since it stores the blog entries in a database, I imagine it is able to index the post and search much more efficiently.

There are other features of of WordPress that I’m impressed with such as uploading images and attaching them to posts, plugins, a strong development community, standards compliance, paging (split posts into multiple pages), blogrolls, trackback and pingback. These are all things that I’d love ApeJet Blog to support, but I know I’ll never get around to implementing it all.

My biggest concern with switching is that I’ll create a bunch of broken links. It’s going to take some work to find all of those links and fix them. I’m also not sure what kind of stats can be made available, what sort of export and backup options are available, or how long it’ll take to setup.