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Focus Widget Game

I’ve just released Focus Widget, my second game on (it’s about time).

This little game is simple. The only rule it to keep the mouse cursor in the circle. The longer you can maintain focus, the higher your score. This is also a widget — designed to work with Yahoo’s Widget Engine, which you’ll need to download if you don’t have it already. Focus is licensed under the MIT License, so feel free to make modifications.

The motivation for a game like this comes from hearing people yammer on about how technology and video games shorten our attention span. This game is specifically designed to increase your attention span (if that’s possible). Enjoy.

Rent and Broken Flowers

Last night we watched Rent. I didn’t really like it. I’m glad movies like this can get made, and people are willing to take the risk of making a musical film these days, but I just couldn’t get into the story. The costumes, set, direction, acting, etc… were all very good, but I had a hard time believing it or even liking any of the characters. I almost feel bad for not liking it because I’ve heard it really strikes a chord with a lot of people. My other complaint is that is felt too slow. If you watch it, I hope you like it and aren’t disappointed like I was.

Broken Flowers was slow too, but in a calm, relaxing, way. It has a similar feel to Lost in Translation. If you don’t like Bill Murray’s more recent work (excluding Garfield), then you probably won’t like this. There’s a hint of a plot, but that’s not what it’s about. I liked it.

Projects Update

It’s been a while since I posted a complete project list (not that any project list is really complete). Here’s what’s on my plate these days:
Reading: The year’s best Science Fiction, and The World is Flat
Watching: Arrested Development (Season 2 DVD), and Lost
Playing: Half-Life 2
Coding: ApeJet Backup 2, web-based file manager, playing with IronPython and Visual Studio 2005, maintenance work on ApeJet Blog 2 (planning version 3)
Learning: more about aviation (always)
Writing: not much, but I have a few ideas in my head
Pipe dreaming: picture book, stock forecaster, feed to IM, more Flickr puzzles, timer widget, web cron, and much more.

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