Schmap is travel guide software that you can download for free. It’s currently in beta, but looks promising. They use Creative Commons licensed images pulled from Flickr in their guids — that’s how I heard about them. So far, five of my pictures have been selected for use in the Seattle and Washington D.C. guides.

I haven’t tried using the software for actually planning a trip yet, but it looks like a great resource. There are some things that I don’t get. For example, why is it a downloaded application instead of a web based application? After all, most of the content seems to be HTML rendered with an embedded IE control. Why don’t they have a simple guide downloader built into the application? Where’s the user contributed content (comments, reviews, etc…). And of course the big question how are they going to make money on it? Will it get covered with ads, will they charge companies to be listed in their guides, or are they going to try selling their guides directly to consumers? Time will tell.