Oblivion Main Quest

I finished the main story line in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion yesterday.  A couple weeks ago I created a new, more balanced, character.  Since then I’ve been focused on getting through the main quest as quickly as possible.  By the time I finished, my character was level 11 and I had 24.5 hours of game play.  I’m sure it’s possible to get it done faster, but it would be hard to do it your first time through in less than 20 hours.

After my first character that just dabbled in the main quest, I was impressed to see the extra attention given to the main quest compared to the guild and side quests.  I’m sure the developers put in several times as much work on the main quest as any of the other quest ladders.

If you’ve been playing Oblivion and avoiding the main quest, don’t put it off too far.  You’d really be missing out on one of the best parts of the game.  One word of warning: by completing the main quest, you’ll cut off many gateways to adventure.  You might want to look for a mod that leaves you more options.  Once you’ve finished the main quest, there’s no going back.

I’ll probably create a third character that’s even better balanced, and that makes more liberal use of mods.  I’ve already gotten about 50 hours of play time out of Oblivion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got another 50 before I move on to something else.