LAN Party

I went to a friend’s LAN party. It was held at a nice little house in Burbank. I arrived at about 11:30 and set up my computer. I was the first guest to arrive, but since I had hand to install a bunch of software, it turned out to be a good thing.

By a little after noon, more people showed up, and we started out with Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.   I hadn’t really played C&C before, but got up to speed fairly quickly.  After a few rounds, we moved on to some classic multiplayer Half-Life mods.  If I remember right, we played Team Fortress and Deathmatch before finally moving on to Counter Strike: Source.  I’m not very experienced at any of the games we played (some were for the first time), so I had a real disadvantage in not knowing any of the maps.  I tended to hang out at the bottom of the rankings, but still had a great time.

I ended up staying late enough for dinner and leaving at about 10:30.  I wasn’t the first to leave, but I wasn’t the last either.  I got the impression that the gaming would likely continue until 4 AM, and I just wasn’t up to it since I wanted to get some stuff done today.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next LAN party, and may have to throw one of my own at some point.