Air-Spacers Checkride

Last Saturday I took my annual checkride for Air-Spacers.  The checkride is a test and lesson in one.  We are given an “open book” written test to work on at home, and then spend some time with an instructor going over the test.  Once all of that is out of the way, we go up, fly to another airport, do some air work, and return.

For my flight, my instructor and made a quick hop over LAX to the Compton airport.  I’d never flown to Compton before, or any of the other airports in the area, so it was nice to learn more about the area.  After leaving Compton we headed to the practice area over the ocean near Palos Verdes, and from there back to Santa Monica.  Overall, I did OK.  I made plenty of mistakes, but nothing major.  It turned out to be an excellent learning experience.