ApeJet Spanish

I’ve been wanting to learn more Spanish for a while now. I’ve picked up a book through BookMooch, and I’ve started working on a little web application to help with memorizing vocabulary. Feel free to check out the early draft version on the ApeJet Learn Spanish page.

The application is an automated flash card system that notes which words/phrases you’ve gotten wrong and returns to them until you’ve gotten everything right. The Esperanto site, Lernu.net, has a similar tool that I found particularly useful when I was learning Esperanto.

My current application only has two sets of words available so far: Numbers 0-10, and 11-20. I should be able to quickly add more sets for colors, common nouns, common verbs, animals, foods, body parts, pronouns, travel phrases, greetings, etc… I still have some technical problems to solve (like dealing with accented characters in a nice why), but I don’t see any major hurdles. It’s just a matter of finding the time now.