Vic's Daily Giveaway is Back

Today we launched a new sweepstakes with Qantas Airways. Vic the Koala will give away one prize each day for 26 days. If you enter, you’ll be eligible for all of the prizes that haven’t been given away yet. Today’s prize is one of the best and worth nearly $5000! Since the fewest number of people will have entered today, the odds are best too. You can also get an extra entry for each person that you notify with the Send-to-a-Friend feature (up to 15). That can seriously stack the odds in your favor. Of course, my immediate family isn’t eligible, so if that’s you… sorry.

Here’s how to enter:
Go to and click on the yellow “Enter to Win” starburst.

Okay, enough of the pitch. Here’s some of the behind the scenes info:

We did a similar project with Qantas in April of 2005 that went really well. It also included a survey, which wasn’t very useful, so there’s a slightly different approach this year. For one, we’ve created a Yahoo! Widget (available here) to help promote the sweepstakes.

Technology wise, we’re quite a bit more advanced. Our natural language processing engine is much faster and more powerful. We’re using Ajax for communication with the server and using some very cool techniques for dynamically updating the page instead of using so much Flash. We have some new browser detection/routing code to try to provide the best experience for all of our users.

We’ve been working almost full time on this for the last month and a half. Our team has done an excellent job, and I think it shows. Let me know what you think.