Wii News (finally)

Nintendo has announced some new information on their next generation console.  I found some old predictions I made last spring.  Let’s have a look:

The basic system does include the console, wiimote, and nunchuck attachment.  I was wrong about it not including a game.  It will come with Wii Sports which looks like a great way to get people started.

I was right about the price: $249.

I thought it would be released a couple weeks earlier than it will be.  No problem, it’s still before the big Thanksgiving weekend rush.

I thought there would be about 15 games at launch.  They’re saying 25, but that may mean “launch window”.  Still, it should knock the socks off of the GameCube’s launch.

I guessed that virtual console games would be $5.  They’ll actually be sold for “points”, but doing the conversion, it looks like games will be between $5 and $10 depending on the original platform.  I haven’t seen anything official about subscriptions.

I still don’t know if it’ll support DVDs out of the box or if the Opera browser will be included for free.