(Almost) One Hundred Hours in the Air

I just reached the 100 hour mark according to my logbook (actually 99.9, but that’s close enough for blogging). I almost didn’t go flying today. It was very hazy near the coast and the overcast layer was just burning off when I arrived at the airport. I decided to hang out for half an hour to see if it improved. Luckily it did, but only just enough to make it flyable. Instead of going to Camarillo (which was just as bad), I stayed at Santa Monica and flew the pattern.

Here’s the current summary from my logs:

Cross-Country: 17.9 (I need to work on this)
Day: 94.3
Night: 5.6
Actual Inst: 0.4
Simulated Inst: 3.2
Dual: 53.6
Pilot in Command: 46.3
Total Hours: 99.9