Flying: Big and Small

Jes and I flew from Santa Monica to El Monte this morning. The weather was beautiful with clear air and calm winds. We had a little trouble identifying exactly where the airport was, but there were plenty of other landmarks so we were never lost. I just kept flying where I thought it was and it turned out to be right. The airport isn’t very big, but it’s another local one that I should be familiar with.

After we got home, we drove over to a local park with some friends to fly our new R/C airplanes. Jeremy took off first, got it caught in the wind, and nearly lost it in someone’s yard. Looking back, we probably shouldn’t have been flying with the wind (it was probably 0-10 mph). Anyway, once he found his plane, we tried again. This time we both took off at the same time. I didn’t want to lose my plane, so I tried for a short flight. Unfortunately, a piece of the wing broke on “landing”. Jer’s survived another landing, but had to go for a bit of a walk to find it. He was able to make a couple more short flights before his broke in a similar way as mine.

Back at home, I was able to repair the wing and tried to reinforce it. I don’t know how well it’ll hold up, but I’m going to try to find a larger field and only fly it on super calm days. Based on the hard landings that Jer’s plane survived, I’ll be able to keep flying mine if I’m lucky.