Arriving in Auckland

We made it to Auckland. Our flight was great! It was scheduled to take about 12 hours, but I think it was a little shorter. The flight wasn’t full, so Jesse and I got a set of three seats to ourselves. We were given dinner and a bag of snacks. After just a few hours (I think) we were able to fall asleep. It wasn’t a great night’s sleep, but it was much better than nothing.

After arriving in Auckland, we made our way through immigration and customs (which, by the way, was very friendly). We talked to the lady at the information desk and bought tickets for the AirBus. The bus ride was uneventful, but dropped us right at our hotel — The Aspen House. We were able to check-in right away and found our room to be clean, comfortable, and simple. We’re now going to head out to see the city.