Blue Mountains

Yesterday, we took a tour in the Blue Mountains with Anderson’s Tours. We were picked up at our hotel at about 7:20 and then drove around Sydney picking up other tourists. From Sydney, we drove up to the Featherdale Wildlife Park — a privately owned zoo. There, we got to pet a koala and feed some kangaroos. Some of the animals were in cages, and some just wandered around. We also saw peacocks, a Tasmanian devil, big birds (like this Southern Cassowary), fox bats, penguins, echidnas (def.), dingos, and more.

From the wildlife park, we drove up to a nice, big, park to throw boomerangs and have tea. We continued our drive into the Blue Mountains and stopped for a little walk to check out a big valley and the back side of the Three Sisters (a fairly famous rock formation, but nothing like what you’ll see in the Grand Canyon). We went to a country club for a delicious lunch. They had plenty of food and a great variety.

From there, we drove to a very steeply descending gondola, had a look around a temperate rain forest, and rode an insanely steep train back out of the valley. When you enter the train, the seats are so reclined that you’re almost laying on your back. At the steepest pont, you’re going up a 52 deg. incline. It’s a good thing they have a cage to hold you in.

We went to a small mountain town (Leura), and then drove back to Sydney to check out the site of the 2004 Olympic Games. We were dropped off at the ferry dock to ride a Rivercat back to Sydney Harbour.

Overall, the trip was a lot of fun. My only complaint is that parts of it really felt rushed, especially the wildlife park and the rain forest. Still, it was relaxing and managed to pack a lot in.