I’m writing from our flight from Sydney to Brisbane. We were really late getting to the airport because our shuttle driver didn’t pick us up and we had to wait for the next shuttle. Thumbs down for the KST Airporter. The hotel staff at the Holiday Inn Darling Harbour was great though. The location wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t bad either. Overall, I’d give the hotel 9/10.

Yesterday, we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb. Our tour guide, Pete, did a great job. We were suited up in a comfortable 1-piece suit, breathalyzed, and shown how the safety equipment worked. The climb wasn’t nearly as strenuous as I thought it would be. We made frequent stops, and the only steep part was going up about 30 ft of ladder (divided into 4 sections). The bridge was built around 1930 and is really beautiful (at least from an engineering point of view).

The tour takes you up to the summit along one arch, across the top, and back down to the same side of the bridge that you start. The whole tour takes about three hours and includes some cool commentary — all provided over a bone conduction headset. After our climb, we walked around The Rocks and had some ice cream before heading back to the hotel.

This morning, we had a little free time so we went down to Hyde Park (our 2nd Hyde Park). The weather changed from warm and sunny to cool and windy in about 30 seconds, so we decided to head back in case it started raining. After a quick rest, we checked out and had a morning cuppa before waiting 40 minutes for our shuttle. We’re now on our way to Gladstone (via Brisbane) to spend a couple of days at the Great Barrier Reef.