Today I was thinking that I would probably blog a lot more if I didn’t have this big text box to fill. It would be easier if I just had a bunch of little forms for posting about different things: what I’m reading, what sites I’ve found, where I’ve been, etc… Instead of trying to build such a system, I’m just going to dump a bunch of mini-posts right here.

* I’m currently reading Eragon, which I’m borrowing from a friend at work. I’m at page 107, and it’s starting not not suck too much. The first few chapters were really a pain. I don’t care for the writing style, and the story isn’t exactly what you’d call amazing. Still, no major problems, and I’m sure I’ll finish before too long.

* Other books I’ve read recently (thanks to Bookmooch): The Diamond Age, and The Subtle Knife. Both of which were very good.

* I’m looking forward to reading: The Amber Spyglass, and Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences.
We saw Children of Men last weekend. I really liked it. It’s easily 4/5 stars. However, I think it might have been a little over-hyped by the critics.

* Netflix announced today that they are starting to roll out a streaming movie service that will be available for free to their customers. It will start out with only 1,000 titles and will probably only work in Microsoft’s world (Windows XP + Internet Explorer). The plan is to eventually roll out to more devices than just the PC. Hopefully it won’t be long before I’ll be able to watch from my Tivo. Once it’s available, the three-movies-out-at-a-time plan will come with 18 hours of downloaded movies. That’s a lot of movies. Hopefully there’s something worth watching.

* I’ve gotten back into running. I stopped when I went on vacation over Thanksgiving, and had a hard time starting back up with it being so cold outside. I bought new running shoes and a Polar F6 heart rate monitor to help me train at the proper level. Here are a couple good sites for runners: Gmaps Pedometer, Runner’s World Magazine. I’m currently up to 2.3 miles, and I’m seriously thinking about doing the 5K run in Agoura.

* One of my pictures from Hawaii got published in a Spanish science magazine (Física y Sociedad número: 17). I wasn’t paid or anything, but it’s still cool.

* And now for some links:
Cooking for Engineers – Not enough content, but I love the presentation.
Satellite Sighting Information – NASA’s page for finding out when and where to see things in space. Jesse and I used it to watch the Space Shuttle and International Space Station go by. All I can say is that it was amazing. Check it out.
Nifty Corners Cube – For web developers only. A nice little library for creating rounded corners with JavaScript and CSS.
DailyLit – Read books and literature by email. The works a broken up into nice size chunks and sent to you each day. The catalog currently only contains works in the public domain, so it’s a bit limited. Hopefully they’ll start adding Creative Commons licensed works and more. For now, I’m using it to read The Federalist Papers – something I’ve wanted to read for a long time, but never got around to.