Conversive Chat – Beta

Conversive (where I work) recently released a new beta product — Conversive Chat.  It’s a hosted AJAX web chat and FAQ management system.  I’m pretty happy with the features that we’ve been able to put together in such a short time.  Since it’s hosted, you don’t have to install anything on your web server, just add a link from your site.  The AJAX means that you and your users don’t need to download or install anything (not even Java or Flash).  The really cool part is the FAQ integration.  You can build FAQs manually, or you build them directly from your chat conversations.  The integration works both ways; if you’re chatting with someone and they ask you a FAQ, the system will automatically suggest the answer for you.

Since this is still in beta, we’re really interested in getting people to try it out and give us feedback.  If you run a site, please check it out and consider using it.  If you do use it, let us know what you think.