More Greasemonkey

I just published two new Greasemonkey scripts.  One, Google Tab Saver, modifies the Google personalized home page so that it remembers which tab you last selected on the current computer (browser, really).  The main purpose is so you can have a tab for home, and a tab for work.  If you run Firefox + Greasemonkey + this script both at home and at work, then you can easily create different personalized home pages for each environment and not have to bother with switching back and forth twice a day.

The second script is for, a popular news site.  Hide Buried Comments will completely hide (display: none) comments that have been buried, along with any replies in the thread.  For the most part, the comments have been buried for a good reason, and I don’t want to see those parts of the discussion.

To use either of these scripts, you’ll need to be running Firefox and have the Greasemonkey extension installed.  Follow the links above to get started.