Error Uninstalling Oblivion

I’ve been getting the following error when I try to uninstall Oblivion:

>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (390)
PVENDOR:Bethesda Softworks (
@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) BT_OTHER 376.21

The patch notes say that there is a known bug and that all you have to do is reinstall Oblivion to clear it up.  Unfortunately, every time I tried to do that, the installer would crash at the end and I’d continue to get the above error when uninstalling.

This forum has a suggestion to remove the c:\program files\common files\installshield directory.  I’m not sure if that helps, but it may.  There might be some voodoo with leaving the “install shortcut on desktop” and “view ReadMe file” options checked that helps the install complete correctly.

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  1. Qev Says:

    This problem can also be caused by a missing ‘_setup.dll’ file in the appropriate Installshield folder for Oblivion.

    Check “C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{35CB6715-41F8-4F99-8881-6FC75BF054B0}” for the file _setup.dll, which should be 156kB in size.

    If it is not there, and you’re lucky enough to have installed one of the add-on packs for Oblivion (such as Horse Armor, Wizard’s Tower, etc), you’ll also find their folders here as well (I found which were which by viewing the contents of the setup.ini files in each folder). They all use the same _setup.dll, 156kB in size. Simply copy one of these back into the folder listed above, and the uninstall will then proceed normally.

  2. aaron Says:

    Thanks. I was able to get it working, but your comment might help someone else.

  3. Qev Says:

    Oop, I was actually incorrect. The _setup.dll that should be in the listed folder ought to be 144KB in size, and not the same one from the add-on packs.

    So I’ve simply uploaded a copy of the .dll to Megauploads, if you don’t mind posting the URL. 🙂

  4. Ivan Says:

    I am also having the -5001 error and I would like to ask you what to do with the setup.dill?
    I wish to remove this game from my computer!

  5. aaron Says:

    The thing that worked for me was to remove the C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield directory and reinstall. You may need to successfully reinstall it before you can fully uninstall it.

  6. Ivan Says:

    Thank you very much and I am reinstalling it now, but the install shield wizard seems to be frozen, I hope I can get rid of this game soon.

  7. Ivan Says:

    It has worked thank you: Qev for the _setup.dill and thank you aaron. I am never going to install this game again!

  8. max Says:

    i am having trouble finding the setup.dill where can i find it

  9. aaron Says:

    Max, according to Qev, you’re looking for “_setup.dll” in one of the folders in C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\ and is 144KB in size. If you can’t find your own copy, you might try the link in the 3rd comment.

    Note: I didn’t fix my install of Oblivion this way, so I can’t say for sure that it works.

  10. Garyohallo1 Says:

    I was experiencing the same issue…

    If you go into C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\ and then hit Ctrl + F on you keyboard, you can run a search for ‘_setup.dll’.

    Look for a _setup.dll in the list those found with the same version number as that stated in the error you are receiving ( I copied this _setup.dll file into the InstallShield Installation Information folder for Oblivion, also stated in the error msg (e.g. {35CB6715-41F8-4F99-8881-6FC75BF054B0}).

    BTW, the _setup.dll file that worked for me was 156KB in size.

    After doing this, I was able to uninstall the game as normal.

    Hope this helps.


  11. Garyohallo1 Says:

    On second thought’s, ignore that, it doesn’t actually remove anything, it just says it does. My bad. There has got to be an easier way though than having to reinstall the game again. I will keep trying and will report back here!


  12. jolle Says:

    the link DOSNT work ffs

  13. bob Says:

    the doesn’t work FIX IT

  14. aaron Says:

    I didn’t post the link and I don’t have the file, so unfortunately, I can’t fix it. Maybe someone at Bethesda can help. Sorry.

    If someone out there does have a working link, maybe they’ll be nice enough to post it here.

  15. kye Says:

    guys if all els fails you can always jus format

  16. Atkins Says:

    If you need help, go into the Search engine. Have the Oblivion disk in the computer, and click on search in files and folders for ‘Setup.’
    Now, It’ll say that its going to look in Local files. Change it to the Oblivion file.
    Click search, and then click on the one that says ‘Setup’ with the icon that resembles the installshield icon.

  17. Anon Says:

    Garyohallo1’s method works perfectly!
    Follow his instructions!

  18. anon Says:

    thanks a million to Garyohallo1. His method DOES work

  19. Ivan Says:

    Can someone please provide the _setup.dill file again?
    I made a mistake of trying to play this game again and can’t get rid of it.

  20. Richard Says:

    Problem solved in this method :
    ES addresses this issue on their site. Pop in the CD/DVD, browse to the drive, run the setup.exe, then cancel it. Try uninstalling again and it should work just fine

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the help Garyohallo1, worked fine for me. Keep up the good work 🙂

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