archive for July, 2007

JavaScript Shortcut Keys Library

Today (ok, yesterday), I found this nice library for creating shortcut keys with JavaScript.  The code was straightforward enough that I didn’t have any trouble modifying it for my needs, and it’s also quite easy to use right out of the box.  I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re writing a web application.

One Week with The Else

I’ve been listening to, and enjoying, They Might Be Giants‘ new album The Else for a week now. It’s been a while since their last real album, so I was definitely ready for something new. On the whole, I’d say it’s on par with Factory Showroom and Mink Car, although maybe not quite as good. I think several of the songs are going to rock live, so I’m looking forward to getting to a concert.

It would be too hard to pick out the songs that I like (or not), so I’ll just limit myself to talking about just a few. “Contrecoup” is currently my favorite song on the album. Who couldn’t love a song comparing a brain injury with being in romantic love? “The Mesopotamians” is nice little introduction to the fictional band composed of ancient Mesopotamian rulers: Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh. “The Cap’m” is fun, but evades description like a man not driving a boat.

Check it out on Amazon or iTunes to listen to some samples.

Make: Biosphere

Last weekend I picked up a copy of Make Magazine. After skimming through it, one project really caught my eye, the Tabletop Biosphere. It looked pretty easy to make and didn’t require any special tools. I did have to buy some supplies at the pet store, but it wasn’t too expensive. My favorite part was going down to a local pond and playing in the water and muck to get a good sample. I don’t know how long anything will live in there, but it’s already been two days of fun.