archive for October, 2007

Guitar Hero III

Jesse and I picked up Guitar Hero III for our Wii today. It looks like it’s going to be popular (as if the last two weren’t). The two people in line in front of us were also buying copies. Once we got home, we sat down a played for about six hours straight. I made it up to “Raining Blood” by Slayer on easy before I got stuck. Once I get some sleep, I should be able to get unstuck. Anyway, it’s fun and I’m looking forward to really rocking out in the future.

TMBG at HoB Anaheim

Last night, we (Jesse, John, Amy, and I) saw They Might Be Giants at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I really like this venue. It has good food, and there’s the line to pass the other line if you eat there. The big problem is that it takes so long to get there. According to Google, it’s about 64 miles away, but the drive took about 2.5 hours.

We had dinner and got in line early, snagging spots 8 – 12. It was a little cold waiting outside, but we all survived. A group of about 10 people got in early somehow got in early which meant that by the time we were let in, all of the good spots against the stage were taken. Luckily, some guy that was up front liked my Dial-A-Song shirt and offered us some space at the stage.

The opening act, Oppenheimer, was pretty cool. It’s just two guys, Shaun and Rocky, from Ireland with a great sound. Rocky’s hair hangs down, covering his face. I suppose he like it that way. Shaun apparently shaves his head bald and does all of the talking. They played a good set of about five songs and then quickly cleared the stage.

The Giants came on at about 10pm and started with “The Cap’m.” They put on a great show and were energized the whole night. A highlight for me was when Flans offered his pick to the audience. It was between Jesse, a guy to our left, and me. Neither of them took it, so I did and got to play (well, strum and make noise) for what felt like 45 seconds or so. I think I did something wrong because in the next song, the guitar had to be taken off stage to be tuned. Oh well, what do you expect? It was still a lot of fun.

They played two brief encores and wrapped up a little before midnight. We hung around for the crowd to clear out and then stopped by the merch booth to buy some shirts and CDs. I picked up a copy of Oppenheimer’s album and got it signed by Shaun (Rocky left early to go watch another concert).

We stayed at the Sheraton on Disneyland Dr. which is huge and pretty nice. Even after sleeping in, I was pretty tired. We had a late brunch buffet at the hotel and then drove home. So far, it’s been a very nice weekend.