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Jonathan Coulton Favorites

I’ve been listening to Jonathan Coulton quite a bit for the last week or so. He really sparked my interest when I heard Still Alive at the end of Portal. It’s kind of funny because I realized that I’d seen him before doing Ze Frank’s songs, but didn’t really notice at the time. Anyway, after going through a bunch of his songs, I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorites, and here they are:

“Code Monkey”
“Still Alive”
“I Feel Fantastic”
“Skullcrusher Mountain”
“Re Your Brains”
“Creepy Doll”
“I Crush Everything”
“The Future Soon”
“Mr. Fancy Pants”

“Mandelbrot Set”

My favorites list would have gone on, but I really wanted to set some limit, and 10 is customary. You can listen to any of the songs for free, many of them are available for free download as MP3, and some have great fan created videos (especially Code Monkey, and I Feel Fantastic), so be sure to check them out.