Personality Test

I’ve been taking the Myers-Briggs type personality test every year or so for a while now.  I’m curious to see if my personality will shift over time or not.  So far, I’ve been fairly consistently sorted to the INTJ category.

For fun, I put together a very simple, four question personality test.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Have you take tests like this before?  How accurate do they think they are?  How accurate was mine?

2 Responses to “Personality Test”

  1. ak Says:

    Not sure how good your test is in general, but you got my type right – INTJ 🙂

  2. erich Says:

    I’m ENJF? I know I got the first two right. Said I was lively. I think that means pain in the ass in PC talk…

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