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Gmail Tip: Mark All Unread Mail as Read

I’m finally moving my main email account to Google Apps.  This way, spam should be less of an issue, and I’ll be able to access all of my mail online.  Google has a nice importer application, so I can easily upload over 25 thousand old email messages (I’m not even importing everything).  The one problem I’ve found is that for some reason some of my email shows up as unread.  If you get in the same situation, or just want to “catch up”, here’s an easy way to mark everything as read.

  1. Go to your Settings/Filters page and create a new filter.
  2. In the Has the words field enter “is:unread” (without quotes), and click the Next Step button.
  3. You’ll get a message warning you that this type of filter won’t be applied to new mail, but that’s OK.  Click OK to continue.
  4. Check the boxes next to Mark as read and Also apply filter to … conversations below.
  5. Click Create Filter button, and you’re done.  You might want to should delete the filter once you finish since it won’t be needing it anymore.

Update: Thanks everyone in the comments and at Lifehacker for pointing out the easier way to do this.  You learn something new every day.