My friend and I put together, a URL shortening service for creating disposable URLs.  The idea is that you can create a URL that will redirect to the site of your choice, and send the link to someone.  Once they use it, the link will become inactive and if anyone else returns to it, they’ll just see the VapURL home page.  There are configuration options to allow the URL to work more than one time, and to set different time limits.

We built the website on Google App Engine which went pretty smoothly.  It was a good way to get a little more practice with Python and to try a different set of web frameworks from what we’re use to.  We’re also using Beanstalk to host our Subversion repository.  I ran into one small bump with them, but overall it’s been a really good experience. I

It’s nice to have a publicly facing side project.  I plan to do more.