archive for June, 2010 is Dead

After less than a year in service, has been shut down.  I haven’t been monitoring it very closely for a good six months, but apparently a Russian spam network was using Vapurl to mask their URLs.  Spamhaus figured out what was going on and reported our domain as bad.  Apparently, doesn’t like to be the registar for anyone listed on Spamhaus, so they suspended our account.

If we wanted to bring the site back up tt would have cost us at least $75 just to reactivate our account to transfer away from GoDaddy, and then we would have needed to figure out a way to keep block the spammers; a very time consuming battle, I’m sure.  It just wasn’t worth it to try to fight the spam.  We could have probably engineered the site differently from the get-go to make the site less appealing to spammers, but we were really just looking for a fun weekend project to play with Google App Engine.  At the end of the day, I’d say the site was a success.  It was a fun learning experience, even if it didn’t last very long.

Moving to WebFaction has moved to WebFaction.  Most of the site moved without any trouble.  They don’t support the PHP mail() function for sending email (probably a good thing), so I had to convert some stuff to use a library to send email.  I expected WordPress to be a bigger problem, but it was pretty straightforward.  I just created a new WordPress app in the WebFaction control panel, exported my conent from my old server using a built-in WP tool, imported it, and loaded up my theme.  That should be about it.  I made the DNS changes last night, so this post is going out on the new server.  No looking back!

Oh, and if you happen to switch to WebFaction, why not use my affiliate link? 🙂