Big Five 2014

I’ve taken personality tests in the past (yep, still INTJ), so I thought I should try out the Big Five and to see how I land and so that I can check it again in the future to see how it changes.

From, I ranked (1-5 scale): Openness – 3.9, Conscientiousness – 3.2, Extraversion – 1.9, Agreeableness – 3.8, Neuroticism – 3.1.

From, they have a very long/detailed “Big Six” test.  I took all sections of the test (even though you could quit out early) and it showed me as middle of the range for nearly everything: Extraversion – 5/9 43rd%, Openness – 5/9 50th%, Agreeableness – 5/9 48th%, Integrity – 5/9 54th%, Emotional Stability – 5/9 47th%, Conscientiousness – 5/9 49th%.  I wonder if it’s so middle-of-the-road because tented to respond to the prompts with “slightly accurate/inaccurate”.  My report details are here.  Hmm… I tried retaking it quickly and avoiding the “slightly” answers and it gave the exact same report.   Grrr.  Maybe I’ll try the sort version of it from a different computer.

Update: I retook the sapa-project Big Six test the next day.  This time I completely avoided the “slightly” answers and just did the core 100 questions.  The detailed results are here. In summary: Extraversion 4/9, 33rd%, Openness 5/9, 50th%, Agreeableness 5/9, 53rd%, Integrity 5/9, 59th%, Emotional Stability 5/9, 42nd%, Conscientiousness 5/9, 44th%.  Compared with yesterday’s test, there really isn’t as much of a swing as I expected with the new strategy.

From OutOfService results (0.0-1.0 scale, percentile) Openness – 0.8,  70th%, Conscientiousness 0.556, 41st%, Extraversion 0.188, 4th%, Agreeableness 0.556, 27th%, Neuroticism 0.438, 32nd%.

From (1-5 scale, percentile): Extraversion – 1.8, 9th%, Conscientiousness 4, 76th%, Neuroticism 2.6, 32nd%, Agreeableness 3.4, 22nd%, Openness 4.1 47th%.

From SimilarMinds: Extroversion – 16%, Orderliness 64%, Emotional Stability 48%, Accommodation 42%, Inquisitiveness 82%.

From Results: Low on Extraversion, Moderately High on Agreeableness, Moderately High on Conscientiousness, Average on Emotionality, Moderately High on Intellect/Openness.

Using Wikipedia’s terms, it looks like the overall is something like:

  • Openness – Medium/High
  • Conscientiousness – Medium/High
  • Extraversion – Low
  • Agreeableness – Medium/Low
  • Neuroticism – Medium

I’d be interested to hear what people who know me think, and how you get ranked.  Is this useful for anything?