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Visualizing Netflix Data

I’ve been playing around with the Netflix Prize data recently. Instead of directly attacking the prize, I’m taking a crack at trying to better visualize the data. Here’s what I have so far: I think it’s pretty, and somewhat useful. I think I’ll try to make a predictor that can classify based on the four […]

Netflix Prize: Sample Features

As promised, here are some sample features that my program detected. Read it as left column vs. right. See if you can come up with a human name for each feature. Feature 1 Dragon Ball Z: Majin Buu Dragon Ball: Fortune Teller Baba Saga ECW: Wrestlepalooza ’97 Dragon Ball Z: Imperfect Cell Saga Battle Athletes […]

Netflix Prize: Update 2

About two weeks ago, I started working again on the Netflix Prize (see: description). Finally, I have a working program and submitted my predictions. I’m pretty happy with the results. I scored a RMSE of 0.9158, which puts me in 211th place.  The score would qualify me for the Progress Prize if there weren’t 210 […]

Netflix Online Viewing: First Impressions

I can now access the new Netflix “Watch Now” features.  This program lets you watch movies on your computer without having to wait for them in the mail.  The standard plan is limited to 18 hours of movies per month.  You can watch parts of movies, and as many movies as you want, as long […]

Netflix Prize: Update 1

I’ve been working (almost daily) on my Netflix Prize code.  I gave up on using a database after I realized how impractically slow it would be.  Instead, I focused on fitting all of the data into RAM in a useful format.  At one point, I broke down and tried to buy more memory (upgrade from […]

Netflix Prize

Netfilx announced yesterday a contest called the Netflix Prize. The challenge is to create a system that, based on past data, can accurately predict how a customer will rate a movie. They currently have a system to do this called Cinematch. This is what they use to make movie recommendations. Better recommendations mean happier customers. […]

Buying from Netflix

A few weeks ago, I decided to try out Netflix’s used movie store. I ordered Sin City on January 11th, and on January 12th I received an email saying that it had shipped with an estimated arrival date of the 14th. Well, it finally arrived yesterday, February 1st. Instead of taking the expected two days, […]

Netflix Selling Used Movies

I’ve blogged a lot about Netflix in the past. There’s just something about them that I find interesting. It’s probably because they’re such a great example of how the Internet can change business in the “real world.” Today I received an email from them letting me know that they’re offering previously viewed movies for sale […]

Letter to Netflix

I’ve been very happy with Netflix in the past, but I’m willing to take my business elsewhere if they get stupid. Here’s what I told them: I saw an ad for Wal-Mart on Netflix recently. Who’s your customer? Me, or Wal-Mart? Who are you trying to please? You can’t have it both ways. I understand […]

Netflix Friends

Netflix has finally added a friends list feature. I emailed them about this over a year ago when FOAF networks were getting big. (FOAF networks are friend-of-a-friend based services like Friendster and Orkut.) I also blogged about it a couple of months ago in my Netflix Price War post. I haven’t actually gotten past the […]

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