The short version:

Name: Aaron McBride
Age: 34
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: Oak Park, California, USA
Email: aaron*apejet.org (change * to @)






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Life Story:

Sites are always asking me to describe myself. Now I have to come up with something for my own site. Let’s see…
I grew up in Mira Loma, CA. That’s about 50 mi. east of Los Angeles. Whenever I met people from far away, I always thought it was weird that they assumed that I lived in LA. If someone lives 50 miles out of New York City, you wouldn’t assume they’re a city slicker would you? Okay, not quite the same thing, but close enough. I’ve heard that Mira Loma is one of the smoggiest zip codes in the world. It’s not because it’s a big town — it isn’t. It’s because all of the smog from LA blows to the east. It’s not exactly country either. Very few people have more than two acres, but most people there do own some sort of livestock (mostly horses).

I went to private Christian schools until sixth grade when I switched to public. I think I learned more academically in private schools, but learned more about “normal” people in public school. I always enjoyed learning, but hated busy work. I wanted to learn more than I wanted to get good grades. And yes, to a large extent, they are are mutually exclusive; at least at the schools I went to. I graduated from Jurupa Valley High School in 1995 with a little better than average GPA.

For college I started out as an Electrical Engineering major at Cal Poly Pomona. I did okay there, but mostly used the time to knock out my out-of-major classes (GEs, maths, sciences, etc…). In June of 1996, my sister and I drove up to Yellowstone National Park where I had a summer job working in a fast food restaurant. The first day I was there I met my future wife, Jesse. We dated over the summer, and did the long distance thing when we went home — her to Texas, and me to California. That fall she applied to UC Davis and was accepted the following winter. The next summer (1997) we both worked in Sequoia National Park so that we could be together. She started school at UC Davis that fall which was nice because then we at least lived in the same state. I transfered to CSU Sacramento as a Computer Science Major in January so that we could live in the same town, and we got married in June of 1998.

We finished up our degrees, and moved back to Southern California in 2001. I have been working full time for Conversive since then. I’d worked as an intern for them when I was in college. We both love traveling and the outdoors. We’ve taken road trips as far as Canada, and also visited New York, Europe and Hawaii. We bought our first home in 2005. That same year, I started learning to fly. By December I earned my private pilot license and have been flying since then (well, not continuously).

Well, that about covers my life story. Let me know if you think I left anything out, or if something big has happened and I need to update this.