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Netflix Price War

Ok, enough with the election posts. Netflix recently lowered their prices for their standard plan from $21.99 to $17.99. This may sound like a big drop, but just a few months ago the plan ran $19.99 per month. It turns out the competition is heating up, and they’re worried. Cnet has an interesting piece on […]

Netflix via TiVo

It looks like the rumors were true. Netflix and TiVo have officially announced (1, 2) their plans to partner. The press release doesn’t really say much, but the speculation is that TiVo subscribers will be able have their Netflix movies delivered to them over a broadband connection instead of snail mail. I wonder if you’ll […]

Netflix Actor and Director Rating

Wouldn’t it be cool Netflix used its movie rating data to rate actors and directors based on their movies? Here’s how it could work: for each movie and actor is in (or a director directed) you’d take that movie’s score (1-5) and multiply it by a number based on how much of a role the […]

More notes from dotScale 2013

Instead of posting individual posts per videos, here are some rough notes from a bunch more of the dotScale 2013 videos.  This is not a complete list.  Any mistakes are my own.  Watch the videos if you want a direct source. dotScale 2013 – Jonathan Weiss – DevOps at scale Works for OpsWorks First Rule: […]

New Computer for 2008

I bought parts for a new computer last weekend from Most of the parts arrived on Tuesday, and the RAM finally arrived on Thursday. I have it all assembled and most of the software that I need installed. My last new computer was in 2004, so it was definitively time for a new one. […]

No Memory Upgrade Today

A few days ago, we bought some RAM for one of the computers at work.  We were able to add 2GB of memory for about $75.  That sounded like a really good deal to me, so I started looking into it for my computer. I looked at an upgrade last Fall when I was working […]


Today I was thinking that I would probably blog a lot more if I didn’t have this big text box to fill. It would be easier if I just had a bunch of little forms for posting about different things: what I’m reading, what sites I’ve found, where I’ve been, etc… Instead of trying to […]

Wii Disappointment

E3 is over, and we’ve probably learned everything important about the Nintendo Wii (pronounced we) that we’re going to learn before launch. I’ve got to say: I’m a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. It still doesn’t look bad, and may very well be the best console of the generation, but I’d really hoped for […]


We’ve finally caught up on Lost. We burned through season one on DVD (from Netflix) in a couple weeks, and watched the first nine episodes from season two last weekend. I’d watched parts of the pilot when it first aired, but it didn’t really suck me in. The hook that got me started watching the […]

Tivo Online Service

Tivo has just announced a new set of online services for users with a broadband connection. It looks like their adding support for several Yahoo! services including: photos (what about Flickr???), weather, and traffic. They’ll also offer access to the Live365 Radio Network, Fandango, and podcasts. I imagine that these will all be available for […]

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