Senior Software Engineer with full-stack experience developing, shipping, and maintaining software products and services. Enjoy collaborating on focused teams to rapidly build applications that users love.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer - DealerSocket


DealerSocket provides software as a service for car dealerships. Work on RevenueRadar, an equity mining tool that finds sales and service opportunities in the dealer’s database. Currently focused on Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure tuning and third party integrations using agile practices and scrum.

Senior Software Engineer - Avaya


Development lead responsible for integration activities associated with Avaya's acquisition of Conversive. Designed, developed, tested, and successfully released a new version of the product to the market. Work with all business areas including development, IT, testing, legal, marketing, training, professional services, sales, and offshore resources. Continued to maintain and improve the application while researching next gen solutions.

  • Doubled the supported traffic levels of the product through load testing, performance analysis, tuning, and refactoring of the databases (OLTP, data warehouse, and archive).
  • Updated the product and development environments to meet internal standards and process requirements.
  • Provided bug-fix patches, database tuning, and server management.
  • Developed GUI plugins for the agent chat console in HTML/JavaScript.
  • Prototyped cloud chat system built with ASP.NET MVC 5 and tested it with different storage systems including: AWS DynamoDB, Cassandra, and MySQL.
  • Created sandboxed C# code compiler and execution environment—given a chunk of C# code, the system compiles the code into an assembly and loads it in a sandboxed AppDomain. Execution of the code takes place in a background thread that can be timed out.

Senior Software Engineer - Conversive


First full-time developer responsible for all things tech. Designed and implemented semi-automated customer service web chat application for use in large contact centers. Participated in all phases of software and project development, including: requirements definition and analysis, system architecture design and development, development testing/debugging, and ongoing maintenance. Coordinated with clients, including Fortune 500 companies and resellers, to deploy software and infrastructure. Managed and coordinated contractors, developers, and interns. Major development projects include:

  • Web Chat System - C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL, SQL Server - Scalable chat system with hybrid integration between human and natural language processing engine; user interfaces built with HTML/JavaScript; clients communicate to the server via HTTP/Ajax polling; website visitor user interface can be customized by loading JavaScript plugins; customer service user interface contains many different features to make the agents extremely efficient; cross-browser support for IE 8+, Firefox 17+, and Chrome.
  • Natural Language Engine - C#, ASP.NET - Returns a static or dynamic answer to natural language questions; easy to create automation for simple question-answer pairs, and customizable via dynamically compiled code for more complex use cases and integration with third party systems; scales by adding more web servers.
  • Online Management Interface - JavaScript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server - Web application for user administration, system configuration, and knowledge management (versioning, source control, approval, and auditing) for the chat system and natural language engine.
  • Data Warehouse and Reporting - SSIS, T-SQL, SQL Server, Crystal Reports - Packages for importing data from transactional database into a star schema (dimensions and facts) for use by the reporting system. Stored procedures, report definition files, and web viewer; allows users to report on chat and natural language system usage.
  • Verbots and Verbots Online - C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET - Consumer oriented product with nearly 200,000 downloads, used by hobbyist and small businesses to create natural language chat bots with animated talking heads for the Windows desktop or web.
  • Ops, Dev, and Test Tools - License Manager, Server Monitor, Load Generator, Chat Invitation Library, Character Animator, and other custom tools.


Personal Projects